Norton Antivirus blocked me from ""

I was told about the “” website about six months ago and have been using it happily and successfully to download detailed street maps of cities all around the world. I then load these maps into Garmin’s Basecamp on my Mac and onto my Garmin eTrex 30. I can then see the exact street locations of the geocaches that I am going for anywhere in the world. The problem is that this morning when I went to that website, my Norton Antivirus software blocked me from getting there, saying that it was a “Malicious Web Site” and “Not to Go There”. Does anyone have any information about this issue? I would appreciate it. Thank you

I noticed that the FAQ for the Lambertus site states that antivirus software sometimes complains about the downloads
I have antivirus software and get no warning on going to the site but I did not try a download. Seems fine to me.
I see Lambertus has replied in the Garmin sub forum.

My reply is here