North pole?

Why does openstreetmap think 0°N/0°E is the north pole?
I think most polar bears would disagree.

(I tried if I could remove that mark, but there doesn’t seem to be anything there.)

I just skimmed the Wikipedia article they more-or-less says there is no exact north pole, so perhaps this is good as any position. where are you suggesting it be placed?

Propably at lat 90° and lon something between -180° and 180°. :wink:
Because 0°/0° is at the lat of Greenwich and the lon of the Equator. :smiley:

I would want it placed at an infinite distance further up north on the map. :wink:

(We are using Mercator projection, right? There are two points on earth that are strictly non-mappable in that. Guess which.)

If you zoom out [1] you can see that it’s not the geographical North Pole you’re looking at, but just either someone that placed that ‘North Pole’ feature at 0N/0E, or another data error.