Normal versus bike (fiets) openstreetmap netherlands?

I downloaded first the normal map.
Worked great to transfer a set of maps on my colorado 300.
Then I downloaded and installed the bike version.
Now I cannot have any more access to the normal version in mapsource.
I downloaded and installed again the normal version, but this did’nt help. Only the bike version appears in mapsource.
So two questions:
Which version is the best for a geocacher/hiker?
How to reverse to the normal version if this one is more suitable for me?
(the uninstaller wants to uninstall the normal version, so I didn’t go further with this one)

OK. I figured out how to swap versions: I installed again the bike version, then I used the uninstaller to remove it and when mapsource was open the normal version was there again.
But my first question remains valid: Which version is the best for a geocacher/hiker?
Thanks if someone on the forum can give his opinion

This is still a problem with my Garmin map installer. I need to find out how to properly register each map to make them all visible in Mapsource at once.

I would like to recommend the ‘normal’ map for a geocacher/hiker as the cycle map is a ‘hack’ to emphasize cycleways and cycleroutes in particular. The normal map shows everything in a more generic way.

Thanks, Lambertus

Given the very precise details of your maps I shall use them on my Garmin Colorado 300 as topomap equivalent for geocaching in the Netherlands!:slight_smile:

Great enjoy finding your caches with (some) help of our maps! I hope OpenStreetMap may welcome you some day as contributor as well :wink: