Normal version and editable version of OSM different to each other

Can someone explain me how is it possible, that OpenStreeMap shows in the
12047 Berlin

in its normal version for house number 40 a hairdresser named “Hairport” and when I tried to fix it, the editable version shows me correct “café katulki”? The normal version should show the same as the editable version or not?

Especially as for all normal users it shows a wrong information, there is no hairdresser in Friedelstrasse 40

Here is a screenshot to see the difference:
screenshot osm

Mostly yes. However, you need to keep in mind that openstreetmap is a database. The web-rendering that you see cannot possibly contain all the data that is in the database, it is simply way too much to display on one map.

The problem here is that there are two nodes placed in house number 40, very very close together (you would probably need to zoom in more to see them both). One of them is the hairdresser, one of them is the cafe. Now when the map is rendered for the web, there is only space for one symbol. Most of the time, the style used to do the rendering defines no order, so which of the two symbols gets rendered is random.

If you’re absolutely sure there is no hairdresser anymore in that house (there was one 4 yours ago apparently), then delete the hairdresser node.

I would have said that the normal version was the editable version!

I guess by normal version you mean the standard Mapnik layer. That’s just one of many possible renderings of the map which are not more than map than any of the others.

Although it appears that apparent discrepancy here is due to a tie for screen space, it is also important to realise that the tiles that form the pre-rendered layers, like the one you call the normal map, are updated in the background and lag behind the actual map. In the case of the standard Mapnik layer, the lag is not very long, being hours at the worst, but some of the other rendered “layers”, on the home page, only get updated about once a week.