Nordic ski trails / Lyžařská stopa

prominte prosim že napišu po angelski, ješče ně znam dobře po ceski…

There are several nice nordic ski trails (Lyžařská stopa) in Czechia, and many (most?) of them are still missing in our maps.

There are some projects showing winter sport maps based on OSM:

For a tagging scheme, see

Currently, the ski trails near Mariánské Lázně are “collected” in a single relation, but actually there are several trails with distinct reference numbers. Is there a mapper in that region who could sort that out?

On a website of Karlovarský Kraj (which currently does not work…), I see that there are also some ski trails near Březova which are still completely missing. Could someone map them?

Happy mapping & hezký den!

Hi Bernhard. I’ll forward your question to @talk-cz which is main communication channel for us.

Currently we have an project with reviewing and mapping CZ hiking trails and working of our new portal One think, we already added, is an overlay from OpenSnowMap that could result to better covering of nordic ski trails in future.

Regarding to gis. I can’t find any licence for it, except “2015 ©Jiří Heliks” and link to

Thanks for your help. I do not know the license for that website of Karlovarský Kraj, but I think we cannot simply copy the data because ski trails often cross meadows and do not follow agricultural / forestry tracks. Hence someone has to run along and record them on his GPS device (that’s what I usually do with ski trails).