NoName render not updating?


I’ve been naming roads in my area but the roads I’ve named don’t seem to be losing their red outline on the NoName render. Also spelling mistakes I’ve corrected have gone forward into the Mapnik render but are not being reflected in the NoName.

For example:

I named most of the roads there in changeset 7927753 . If I switch to the NoName render I see those roads highlighted without names. I also notice that the spelling mistakes of Bracklesham Close (over to the right, about a third up) and Chaucer Road (lower edge, just left of centre) are still in the noname render. I changed these from Beraclesham Close and Caucher Road in the following changesets:

All these changesets are the best part of 2 weeks old and have been incorporated in the Mapnik.

Am I doing something wrong or is the NoName render not updating properly please?


I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, your edits look fine.
I think it is just the Noname layer not updating. I’m not sure how often it actually updates, but I have noticed it being weeks or months out of date before.

There are a few other no name layers you could try, eg Yet another validation tool for osm data. For example that area: It seems to be updated fairly often, usually within a day or two.

You could also try the services for comparing to OS OpenData Locator names. They can be useful for finding missing streetnames, also usually updated within a couple of days. eg that area:

I don’t know if this is still the case but in earlier days Mapnik startet rerendering only if nodes changed thier position. Only adding or changing tags didn’t trigger rendering. You can force rendering of Mapnik-Tiles by adding “/dirty” to the URL of the tile. (Search for “/dirty” in this forum or on the mailinglist if you need more information.)

Thank you. I learned some good stuff here today.

What is the correct way to act with regard to copyright of what’s displayed on the oscompare website please? May I look for problems then go and verify those locations in person? May I correect road names from it or must I leave the whole thing well alone? I want to make sure everything I’m doing id by the book.


The OS OpenData is released under a free license, so it is fine to use with OpenStreetMap (though there are a few people who disagree whether it is compatible with the new contributor terms). See Ordnance Survey Opendata

Though its still a good idea to check names “on the ground” where possible to see what the street sign says. The OS data does have some errors / misspellings etc in it.
If the only source for a name is OS Locator (eg if the street sign is missing), then its helpful to tag this. eg add a tag source:name=OS_OpenData_Locator