Non-Latin name to Latin characters

I am viewing street names in Greece and Japan from The Greek alphabet and Japanese characters make no sense to an English speaker.
Is it possible to display these non-Latin names to Latin characters? Thanks

The short answer is “no”.

A more elaborate answer is provided on the help website: e.g. here

The long answer is maybe, but someone has to fund the servers, and someone has to have entered any non-obvious transliterations.

It is possible to make phonetic approximations mechanically. Also, for well known places, it is likely that the name has been defined in multiple languages, and these are often not simple phonetic equivalents. Both of these can be rendered into map tiles, or could be rendered in the client application if it uses the raw map data, but, for map tiles, someone has to pay for the processing power needed to do this on the off chance that someone will want to use it. Most resources are dedicated to providing maps as backgrounds other mapping work, not to providing end user maps.

Incidnetally, I thought that the standard for Japan was to give both the Japanes and Romaji (latinised) forms of then names as the primary name.

Also think about how you would create a Chinese rendering of a map of a typical English village. Unless a Chinese speaker had coded Chinese names for everything, you would somehow have to decide wiether to do a literal translations or a phonetic approximation. For the latter, you would have to decide which dialect to use and would have to avoid accidentally creating unfortunate meanings. Oxford is Cow Ford. London iand Reading are purely phonetic, and I think the first part of Cambridge is phonetic, although the second part is Bridge.

MapQuest open layer does the trick. Also, many handheld applications, like OsmAnd or do.