Nominatim + TIGER

Hi there,

I spent the last several days with importing North America + Wiki + TIGER 2017 in the hope that I’ll be able to geocode addresses into coordinates correctly.

Here is an example:
1440 OLD COUNTRY RD , Riverhead, NY 11901

Where 1440 should be, all buildings are marked 1480, however, TIGER seems to know the good position.
How can I make Nominatim to use housenumbers from TIGER instead?

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

The TIGER position is slightly obfuscated within a block for privacy purposes - it may line up closely with a particular address but there is no guarantee. But locating to the nearest block is better than no guess at all.

From my rough understanding; I haven’t actually done the following: I think Nominatim has an option to load TIGER address blocks as a fallback source when the exact address isn’t defined in OSM.

thank you for your reply.
I have TIGER 2017 and I have
@define(‘CONST_Use_US_Tiger_Data’, true);
in my local.php

I checked TigerWEB again, seems it has the exact same wrong coordinates as OSM :confused: I suppose that answers it.

Is there a way to quickly and easily fix such errors in OSM?


You can edit the OSM data if you have an account.
Please do not use copyrighted sources to update OSM data

Thank you!
Is there a way to change my local install only?