Nominatim search around a GPS coord. HOWTO?


I am looking for a way to search businesses within a circle (or a polygon) around a GPS coord. It will be nice if I am able to additionally filter results by passing in a parameter such as “coffee” or “school”. I looked around, but could not find exactly what I wanted. I have looked at the wiki page for Nominatim, various other forums etc. Here are couple of searches i tried which gave me only one result. How do i increase the number of results I get back?,-88.320071
That returns only one place thats at that specific lat lon.,42.25,-87.65,41.05&q=coffee&bounded=1&limit=100
That returns a few (<100) coffee shops in the bounding box, however, they are definitely not all.

Finally, if I want all places in the bounding box, (so if I omit the “q” param) I dont get any results at all.

So, how to really do this?

Sachin Dole