Nominatim / Search: 3-digit-housenumbers problem

Hi guys,

I just encountered that if I search for a house-number having 3 (or more?) digits, nominatim does not return the correct result even though the house number is contained in the OSM data. Is this a known issue? I couldn’t find anything…

Examples (see list of results on the left; it should contain exactly one result in both cases, but second query returns several locations):


dosn’t work:ße+196,+Karlsruhe

Odd. Just tried using my home address which contains four digits and it worked properly. But I don’t see anything in your request that seems wrong.

Hm… I tried several house numbers yesterday, but I’ve chosen the wrong numbers… 153, for example, is correctly found. Thus I played around a little bit longer: the problem seems to be somewhat specific for the street “Kriegsstraße”. In some parts of the streets it seems to be a matter of the street side (or lane): odd numbers are found, even numbers not.

Despite this fact I still think that the actual problem must be in the Nominatim/search algorithm… This is because if I provide a viewbox as “hint”, I can find any number.

For example the 256:

Same link without viewbox:

Am I posting to the right section of this forum? Maybe there is some better place to tackle this issue…


you seem to have discovered an interesting quirk. You might like to try the IRC too.

This is from the faq page at

How should I report problems?

For issues with there software there are two bug tracing systems in use:


Please remember to search to see if your issue is already logged before adding a new ticket.

You can also contact the developers on IRC on channel #osm-nominatim

Thanks for redirecting me to the bugtracker.

I just opened ticket #5025.

Odd problem…