Nominatim database update on latest version

Hi everyone!

I’ve installed Nominatim and OSM database on my local server and it works well, and I’m trying to configure periodic database update, but the process is described differently in different manuals and guides, depending on Nominatim version.

I’ve configured the udpates using this guide:

My question is - after I do:

updates.php --initd-updates

do I have to run

updates.php --import-osmosis


updates.php --import-osmosis-all

to actually run the updates?

I don’t like the idea of endless script in the background, so I’m thinking of running --import-osmosis once a week, does the replication link matter in this case (where you choose minutely diffs, daily diffs, e.t.c.)?

@define('CONST_Replication_Url', '');

What happens if, for example, I set daily diffs but run the job once a week?
What is the correct way to update on the last version of Nominatim?

Thanks in advance, very appreciate any hints.