Nomes de rios fronteiriços

@Fernando Trebien

Eu vou começar a editar os nomes de rios fronteiriços para cumprir o que combinamos em abril de 2013.

In english, “- on the waterway, I’ll put name:es, name:pt, name:en, etc. and a “name” with both Spanish and Portuguese names separated by the slash and in alphabetical order, and also leave a note to other mappers”

As faixas marcadas wayerway, irá oferecer a opção tag name:es = *, name:pt = *, name:en = , etc. e name = * nome da marca em espanhol e Português, em ordem alfabética, separadas por “/”, também deixando uma nota note= com certeza a torná-lo visível para outras editores.

If you wish, I can help you review it later. Sorry for never coming back to this issue, but I ended up involved in issues that affect a lot of people at once.

I think we should actually turn this into a worldwide proposal, since Europeans already use a similar system. This would apply to other borders, such as Brazil x Argentina, Brazil x Bolivia, and even Guyana x Venezuela.

As a proposal, we may hear some feed back which could change some of our criteria. (So if we do this first, we end up with less review work to do later.)

Nunca escutei sobre este acordo antes, mas concordo completamente com o que foi dito.

The thread in talk-uy
and then the documentation in the wiki
I have no problem to wait for new or better ideas, or if the issue needs aproval from the BR-community.

The main problem is with software that it’s no easy to be localized/internationalized, like mapnik in the OSM main page.
With other renders (e.g. mkgmap), you just choose to display your localized name before the generic name.