Nomanatim: Locks and moorings not searchable

I’ve noticed that the names of canal locks and moorings don’t seem to appear in Nominatim and are therefore not searchable. Could they be added, please? Here are three examples:
376272097: mooring=yes, name= Greenford Visitor Moorings
44048315: lock=yes, name=Hanwell Locks 91-97 53,2"
44065992: lock=yes, lock_name=Hanwell Lock

On the general question of Nominatim support, I’m not sure if the Nominatim maintainers monitor the Q&A section here, so it might be worth asking elsewhere. One possibility is adding an “issue” at (if something like this isn’t already listed).

However, perhaps before doing that it might be worth asking on IRC at #osm-dev (see for details about OSM IRC channels). It might be that someone there will know why these names don’t get searched for.

Interestingly some locks can be found by Nominatim - “Top Lock” finds , probably because it’s a “name” rather than a “lock_name”, as Hanwell Lock is: (I’d argue that “lock_name” is more correct here FWIW).