node is not searchable

Hi everybody,

for the first time i have added a node in OSM. It is about information of a physiotherapeutical healthcare praxis.

The adress: Mittelgang 19, 32339 Espelkamp (Germany).

Now, it is shown as an healthcare-institution, but can not be found about search-tool. Why not? Is a node enough to add on this spot?

I have added many meta-information e.g. name (Physio Wegner), class=healthcare, phonenumber…

I have deleted the Q-number for healthcare now, because i thoght that blocked showing the own-name of the praxis.

Thanks for advising and consulting

The building, which has no name, is being shown as a hospital: .

The node, which does have a name, has some odd tags on it:

First things first, if the building isn’t a hospital please don’t tag it as one. There are some links and suggestions about what might be better on the wiki page.

The tag that looks a bit odd is “healthcare=healthcare=physiotherapist”. The value should be just “physiotherapist”, not “healthcare=physiotherapist”. You can see other values at .

However, I don’t think that OSM’s chooses to show things tagged like that - one in the next village at is searchable by name but only shows as a house number on that map. Other maps will show it, of course.

To avoid a clash between building and node I’d put all the “health related” tags on one of them rather than having some on one and some on the other. I’d also suggest “office=therapist” - that should let peoople know about it that won’t be looking for healthcare tags. Here’s an example of that: .

Thank you someoneElse,

i was not aware that the building itself was declared by myself as a hospital. I have just made the node. And now i have updated the information on this one! Hoping that now people can find it

Now it is just a “physiotherapist” and of course i removed the attribute “hospital” on the building!

I’d also suggest adding an “office=therapist” tag to the node (assuming that’s a good description of the place) - that’ll help people to find it.

I`ve also added that attribute - ok?

“nominatim” (the software behind the search box on now knows about it: Wegner

It seems you removed (1) the way for the building and created a new one. Next time please try to modify the existing object so that its history is kept.