No POI in other layers but the main?

Hi all,

I found a problem when adding an osm file with POI separately. Its data isn’t to be found.
I made two osm files.
One with an osm-map of my neighborhood.
second empty except for POI test1 and test2. Just filled in the names, no other data added.
I run:
mkgmap --gmapsupp --utf8 --lower-case --map-features=…/prog/cycling-map-features.csv *.osm
Copy the gmapsupp.img to my garmin Etrex Lagend HCx and select “find”. All I see is:

  • Waypoints
  • Geocache
  • Cities
  • Exits
  • Recent find
    No more. Neither option can find “test1” of “test2”. I doubt that it would have anything to do with transparency… would it?
    Roads on the other hand are visible… when made.
    I used that trick in France when I couldn’t upload tracks (broken usb). That way I could follow the route I wanted follow. :wink:

Thanks for any help in advance.

I just added “tourism=camp_site” to the two test-POI in the second osm-layer.
I noticed “Lodging” and “All POI” were added by my gps-unit. Amazing :roll_eyes:
What’s going on?

The map features file (cycling-map-features.csv) determines which nodes and ways are converted into Garmin waypoints and roads. If you just add a name and nothing else to your POIs, there is no matching “Garmin equivalent” of these points in the cycling-map-features.csv, so they will not be included in the output gmapsupp.img.

If you add “tourism=camp_site”, there is a rule in the cycling-map-features.csv, which tells mkgmap to include them as a POI within the category “Lodging”.

Correct. The thing is that of the two osm-files covering the same area; only the first file passes the POI’s to your garmin… Why not add the benefit of the second? (optional)
Ignoring the use of two maps - with duplicate POI’s - here on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:
This way people can combine incompatible source-material for personal use. Like lists of campings, hostels, and such without being limited by the garmin. After observing the location, it can be added to OSM afterwards using the data gathered there. :wink: