No parking road markings

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Can someone point me to a (Finnish) source that explains road markings that mean “no parking” or “no stopping”, i.e. are used in place of the signs? If they exist at all, that is!

In Sweden, these are continuous / dashed lines, see




Voiko joku osoittaa minulle (suomalaisen) lähteen, jossa kerrotaan tiemerkinnöistä, jotka tarkoittavat “pysäköinti kielletty” tai “pysähtymiskielto”, eli joita käytetään kylttien sijasta? Jos niitä ylipäätään on olemassa!

Ruotsissa nämä ovat jatkuvia/katkoviivoja, katso



There is official “New Road Traffic Act” published 2018 in Finnish

and in Swedish,

but not in English.

Open either link and search for: “M4” , “M5” and “M18”. Those were the ones I could find.

I don’t dare to translate those to English as I have not studied law.


I think there is no road marking for this in Finland. Only sign based separation for No Parking/Stopping. Continuous white line means that you are not allowed to pass that line - in practise it is a lane marking. And dashed line is similar lane marking but in that passing line is allowed - like in motorways where to choose right lane to turn away from motorway.

Constant white line does not limit parking if the road signs do not limit that. So logic is much like in Swedish No passing line/Reserved lane line, except parking kind of overrides that line passing prohibition if parking otherwise is allowed.

Please correct me if I am wrong?

Ah, thank you HACY! Particularly for the mention of the numbers for these road markings, as Google Translate seems to be unable to translate this page as a whole.

If I understand the translation of M4 is correct, M4 seems to be intended as a marking for bus stop positions. The legislation mentions that at bus stop positions, certain stopping restrictions apply. In other words, such markings can only be found at bus stops, right?

If that is correct, tikola’s assesment looks to be correct too. Norway for example also does not have general “no parking” curbside lines that can replace a sign. Germany as well. Don’t know about Estonia and Denmark.

Actually now when I think more these yellow lines can be found on bus stops, places where habitants drive to parking hall etc. special cases here and there and that tells that parking is forbidden due it blocks something else. So yes there might be a yellow line to indicate that parking is not allowed. Is it then official sign or just well known way to mark it I do not know. Anyway pretty rare thing - you do not see those in daily driving very often - only in special places.

Ah, so it is found also not at bus stops? Do you remember where it can be found (google streetview)?

Sorry for long reply - forgot this thread totally. The yellow line is typically painted in road side curbs in places where parking is not wished. Is it official marking or just de facto - I do not know? However it is not systematic and you can not excpect to see those in all bus stops. The easy and typical sample is here:

Next to this shop is somesort of minor firestation. In their entrance they mark that cars are not allowed to be too close at their door so that they can get out from parking hall with their slightly bigger cars. It is the streetview where there is 7 people walking.