No parking / brez parkirišča

Hey there!

Can someone point me to a source that explains road markings for Slovenia that mean “no parking” or “no stopping” here, i.e. are used in place of the signs? If they exist at all, that is!




Ali me lahko kdo napoti k viru, ki pojasnjuje cestne oznake za Slovenijo, ki pomenijo “prepovedano parkiranje” ali “prepovedano ustavljanje”, tj. se uporabljajo namesto znakov? Če sploh obstajajo!

Na zdravje

See “Pravilnik o prometni signalizaciji in prometni opremi na cestah”, download it as a PDF. Signs no. 5331 and 5332.

Perfect! Thank you, I added it.

I am implementing a quest for StreetComplete where the user should be able to just tap on the sign or road marking he is seeing and a no parking restriction (if any) is then tagged correctly:

E.g. for Switzerland it looks like this: