No osm_tiles folder, following install from switch2osm

I followed the installation provided on switch2osm “Building a tile server from packages”. Since it wasn’t exactly step by step, I also had to follow part of the “Manually building a tile server”. Since the packages didn’t work I finished the manual install.

I finished install without any errors. After testing renderd and restarting apache, it says to test it by navigating to http://yourserveraddress/osm_tiles/0/0/0.png The osm_tiles folder doesn’t exist on my server. At what point of the installation was this supposed to be created?

I cannot solve your problem directly,

but maybe you can find some hints in the OSM wiki about Mapnik, Tirex, renderd, mod_tile

Or do a search with similar keywords at

Thanks for the suggestion stephan. I wiped Ubuntu and did the package installation from switch2osm before installing anything else and it worked fine. I must have modified some settings that prevented it before.

I found the original problem. When I add a subdomain with a2ensite, it no longer works. As soon as I a2dissite, it works fine again. Any ideas why it would do that?

I’m using Ubuntu 12.4.04 LAMP with switch2osm package installer.