no map in view tab on

I see no map in the view tab on
The map can be seen in the edit tab, the map can be seen on
I have this problem on 3 PCs (>= 3 years old) and 1 Notebook (5 years old). Only on 1 Netbook (new) I can see the map in the view tab.
I use windows XP on all computers, I tried Microsoft Internet Explorer and Thunderbird. Javascript is enabled (when javascript is disabled, there is an error message but with javascript enabled there is only a white empty window). Can anyone help me?

It might be that your router or firewall is blocking the tile requests. Can you disable the firewall and antivirus software on one of the failing computers and try again? Can you ping or request an image manually like:

I already disabled firewall and antivirus software (Norton Internet Security) but that was not the reason. works: I see the image There is only a text:
You’ve reached the OpenStreetMap mapnik tile server.
If you are a user… You probably want OpenStreetMap itself.
If you are a developer… Please be aware of the tile usage policy.

Norton Firewall is the reason for my problem.
It was not sufficient to disable the firewall.
I had to disable the start of the Norton Software at Windows startup and reboot the system.
I activated the Windows firewall and there is no problem with the OpenStreetMap-display.

Thanks for taking the time to post the solution to your problem - I’m sure it will help someone in the future. :slight_smile: