no 'amenity = Chemist' easy tag in Potlach?

Using the nice Potlach 2 utility to ‘drag and drop’ amenity points in my neigborough, do I understand correctly that there is only an ‘amenity=Hospital’ tag, but nothing simple for a Chemist’s office?
TIA -Hervé

Maybe Potlatch2 has not icons for all kinds of PIs and map features.

When you want to add a node or Building with then add only the node by hand and give it a key-value combination by hand. Maybe you have to switch to advanced mode in Potlatch2.

Alternatively you can open a ticket or feature request at in order to add an icon to P2.

Or try one of the other editors … see

Potlatch2 does have amenity=pharmacy (, which in general will correspond to places where you can get medicines prescribed by your doctor from a person with a specific qualification for this purpose. My understanding is that amenity=chemist is generally used for shops selling similar products (toothpaste, asprin, cold remedies), but not supervised by a qualified pharmacist, nor able to dispense regulated drugs and medicines.

Thus in Britain we have a chain of stores called Boots (it used to be called Boots the Chemist). Some of its shops are pharmacies, others are chemists, whilst the larger ones will usually include a pharmacy (and an optician and even perhaps a dentist). Another chain, Superdrug, used to have no pharmacies at all. In most European countries amenity=pharmacy will be appropriate.

Thank you!
I’ll correct to “Pharmacy”, and indeed I’m now more familiar with Potlach advanced mode :slight_smile:
Thanks again,