NMEA logger app that includes other than GPS


Do you guys know any apps that logged NMEA sentences that include the Beidou and Glonass constellations? I’ve tried a few but they contain GPS constellation only, thus limited to 12 or so satellites when Osmand etc are tracking 30 satellites.

I am currently logging stationary points’ gps location for imagery alignment purposes. Usually during breaks (5/10minutes) during travel, and with a honking 5300mAH battery in my cellphone it barely affects battery life. Later, I’ll process the gpsgga sentences to find the median point and compare that to available sat imagery to see if they are too far off. I find this method works better than using gps tracks for alignment. I have also found that Maxar premium imagery for Gerik and Malacca city in Malaysia almost agree to each other within a meter or so which is very very good.

Of course, when I have access to survey grade receivers I used those readings for reference.

That sounds weird. Anything that uses the Android API for NMEA sentences would have to go through additional effort to filter the non-GPS sentences out (which seems rather unlikely). I can’t actually remember ever using such a logger in modern times that -doesn’t- record everything.

Can you just enable location sharing in google maps permanently or not good enough? Mine is always on for immediate family and does not pester me with a notification once i tell it to stay on. Otherwise android device manager but you’d need his Google account credentials. It is silent in use I think, as long as you disable security notices for the device you log in with first.