NLMaps: Query OSM in English | Also looking for paid annotators

Hello everyone! For my Master’s thesis I’m developing an interface which you can use to query OSM in natural language; at this time only in English. E.g., you can ask questions like:

Is there any café in walking distance of Heiliggeistkirche in Heidelberg?

What is the closest drinking water fountain from Musée du Louvre in Paris?

Tell me the distance between Kremlin in Moscow and the Houses of Parliament in London!

My system translates them (via a character-based RNN) into an intermediate query language, which is then used to get the answer via Overpass and Nominatim. I’d be glad if some of you took a look at it and told me your thoughts about it. It’s currently at

Also, I need more data to train it better. So I’m looking for people to ask new queries and correct the system if it’s wrong. We are paying 150 € for 400 queries, which should be doable within 10 hours. Take a look at the job posting if you’re interested.

how far is from Berlin to vienna?
From Berlin to Wien: 523.0643805772881 km

The answer is correct but you could round it - no one needs a distance in nanometers :smiley: