Nightriders OSM > Garmin Map

I have mentioned Nightrider’s SE Asia OSM conversion for Garmin before on this forum, I think - but thought it worth a post of its own as it’s becoming well used by those with Garmin’s here in Thailand, from what I gather.

He’s scripted some clever way to avoid problems with random way layering display - not sure how.

Note, if you edit/map a path tagged as a ‘generic path’ that motorcycles use, and you want that path not to be treated as a ‘footway/footpath’ during conversion and rendering, you have to tag it as motorcycle=yes.

This is the established way of working around OSM’s ‘western’ POV that a path would typically not be accessible for any kind of motor vehicle, where as in Thailand and similar less developed rural countries in SE Asia, motorcycles are typically used on them. This is not just ‘tagging for the renderer’ - it is accurate, detailed OSM tagging.



I can see that there are lots of country paths and tracks around Chiang Mai with only a Highway tag - nothing else…