Night of the living maps - Where will you map?


tomorrow night there will be a non-stop event with a lot of parties mostly in bigger cities. As the focus is mostly on the countryside, we like to know where you want to map with your team?

P.S. To stay in touch the whole night, we suggest the chat channel or a microblogging service as Twitter. Would be great to see some photos of your parties afterwards! :slight_smile:

So let us introduce: Rostock (Germany)
Our state Mecklenburg Vorpommern is very countrified but the major cities are mostly complete. We wondered, that the Rügen island is not, as it’s the biggest island of Germany. Furthermore a top destination for tourists (MV is very popular because of it’s nature) where excellent maps are needed. So we hope to get at least the most popular places at Rügen finished:

Hope we all will have a nice time,
happy mapping!

The Brazilian OSM Contributors will meet online at IRC

server: irc://
channel: #notlm-br

From 21 o’clock (Brazil Official Time) till dawn!

Join us!

Where will you meet in Rostock? Just curiosity.

Just look at the map :wink:

Yes indeed, we had a room at the university by our faculty (a seperated one just for students). Was quiet good, most of the time we had 4 mappers there :slight_smile:

For anybody who likes to share the impressions of your local parties, just link them here: