Night of the living maps in Israel (this tuesday)

I will attend this new way of mapping from home.
Anybody else interested to help the midnight mapping party from their home?

Night of the Living Maps is a global Mapathon on Tuesday 7th Feb. 2012, where all mappers come together in local meetings and trace imagery the whole night long, while the moon shines bright! It’s a LAN-party like feeling for map enthusiasts, and because you may have blood-shot eyes after 8hrs of non stop mapping, we decided to give it a zombie theme :wink:

What could be mapped?

  • There are still a lot of villages not mapped detailed enough in Israel. A lot of them are marked in OSMbugs.

  • Search for not translated street names and add those manually?

… (do you have a idea)

what do you think?

I’m in.
When do we start?

I’m already in… and adding some buildings in Tel Aviv. Actually something that I wanted to do for a long while.
We could of course take care of the bugs where villages are not mapped detailed enough.

Any Idea?

I’ll join you with TLV.

Are we sure Bing is enough up-to-date there?

No. But I expect we will have more poi if buildings are available.
it is also easier to add housenumbers (I know from Netanya).
The bing images are good engough for a approx. building.

Of course its not like in this video :

Here’s the result:

Additional to the postings of dimka you can see this post in our Google+ Profile:
With a image showing the changes…

PS: Currently you will see even more building… I just couldn’t hold my hands :slight_smile:

Doesn’t this look nice ?

Needs just somebody that is starting to house number them :slight_smile:

BTW: Adding buildings is helping in several ways:

  1. It shows them in the map so people can recognize easier where a POI is.
  2. Somebody else can add easier housenumbers, as the buildings can be easier defined.
  3. Problems are getting detected a lot easier as a bug gap between buildings is maybe a missing road?

I just couldn’t refrain from a silly smile when I saw this: