Next challenge: "hotosm eliminate malaria"

Our next quality challenge has just started: hot osm project “Eliminate Malaria”. They trace buildings, or that’s what they are supposed to do.
I found their edits near the Mekong, around the border of Ubon Ratchathani and Amnat Charoen provinces.
Some of their building are likely no buildings at all, even when using their custom WMS, I cannot recognize a building.
In one case I found a pond tagged as building, and commented the change set:
Shortly later, I found a terrible lot of overlapping buildings at
Please take a look, and comment their change sets where appropriate.

I added a comment or two on that first changeset.

It looks mostly like over-zealous mapping. They’re trying to map everything and getting some things wrong. The doubled-up houses are perhaps a problem with the Task Manager software. It looks as though two people were working in the same area and each mapped the same buildings. But why didn’t the ID editor warn them of the overlaps I wonder?

Because these overlaps did not exist at the moment of editing - both started at about the same time, and committed with 2 minutes difference.