Newuser, Gosmore: Problems with myTracks on OSM-server RQ: Höhendaten

Hi, I am new here ans installed gosmore on my Falk-device. I can display and edit my tracks from gosmore with tools on my PC such as Merkaartor without problems, but on the OSM-Server the second coordinate (east) is wrong. What ist the cause, what can I do?

Second ques6tion: Can I download and use the Cycle Map with gosmore?

Hallo, ich bin neu hier, wie ihr seht. Habe vor 2-3 tagen Gosmore installiert (Falk-Navi), Tracks hochgeladen und mit Merkaartor bearbeitet, um Straßen und Wege einzuzeichnen.
Das funktionierte, aber: Wenn ich meine hochgeladenen Tracks in OSM ansehe, ist immer die zweite Kordinate falsch und das Bild landet im Ozean. Woran liegt das? Liegt das am Programm? Ist es ein Fehler von mir oder ein Bug? Was kann ich tun?

Zweite frage: Kann ich die Cycle-Map irgendwo herunter laden und in Gosmore improtieren? Mir fehlen bei der Darstellung die Höhendaten.

Example of a Track on the Server:

Example of a file on my computer:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




first problem: you should go to and file a ticket, you login with the normal OSM password and user. Use “GPX parsing error” as the title.

Second: No you can’t have the cycle map in Gosmore. But you can try to make your own style file, so that cycleways will be more visible in Gosmore. You can see my post about openstreetmap stylesheets-

Thanks for your answer. I opend the ticket and hope, I dit it right.

The other problem is not the cycle ways: I Use gosmore on my PNA (WinCE) and would like to se the contour lines (for walking and in order to find the highest points).
I also would like to see forrests etc, which are not visible on the PNA. Only with gosmore on the PC they are visible.

Can I use a stypeshet-files with the PNA-version? I tried to copy the file “elemstyles.xml” from the PC’s gosmore-directory to my PNA, but it had no effect. I se the forests with the win32-version of gosmore, but still not on the PNA.

Yes the ticket was fine, they will fixit for you. But I’m not sure how long it will take.

My first reaction is that your needs are too complicated to solve on your own. You can try to talk to the author of Gosmore Nic Roets, either on email/wiki/trac.

The xml file will involve lots of work, that I’m not sure you can do if you don’t create your own executable and gosmore binary with development tools.