(newbie) Why is the name displayed on the map different from the "name" attribute after my edit?


I’ve edited a building name that had a typo. (from “Finances Pupliques” to “Finances Publiques”). The name attribute is now correct, however the map still displays the name with the typo — or, to be more precise, the map displays the correct name under zoom level 17, but the wrong name under zoom levels 18 and 19. What did I miss?

Here’s the building that I’m talking about.
I thought this would be a very simple edit even for someone with no experience, but now I’m worried that I did something wrong…


Not all zoom levels update simultaneous, kind of on a ‘wish to see’ basis. Hit Ctrl+F5 and it will force a refresh. From 2km view updates are only weekly.


This is a, very, frequently asked question. You will need to clear your local browser cache (typically shift-refresh) to see the current state as on the resp. servers. Then, while high zoom tiles in the standard style typically render quite quickly (that is in minutes) there are no guarantees that that will always be the case, and maps provided by other operators and lower zoom tiles will typically take substantially longer.

If the object you modified is OK in the data layer everything is fine in any case.