Newbie-where does one contribute info?

I am a truck driver and have little knowledge how GPS maps work. So I have joined the forum to learn. I would liek to develop maps for truck drivers as these don’t seem available. Truck satnavs still lead drivers down country lanes and so I have little confidence in them… not sure why folk still spend 5 X the price of a car one for poor data.

Meanwhile I have come across a couple of incorrect speed limits and so I was wondering where to report it to.

You can go to On the right side are some icons. Click on the node icon and move it to the position where you found the error.

For more info see:

Even better would be to assign to and improve the map yourself. There is a short introduction for our standard editor iD on the website. It is easy to use.

For more info see:, or how it is already used

There are some initiatives based on OSM data for trucks