Newbie - street name versus reference


I just started, in Dingwall, Scotland.

I’m looking at the left hand red road shown on the map.

At the moment the whole road has a name of A834. So far as I can see from the help, this should be a reference, not a name. This road has a number of different street names (streets which have numbered houses) along its length. I’ve changed the section nearest to the junction, but the change doesn’t appear on the map.

Can anyone give me some instruction on this?

Also, the level of satellite data for Dingwall is appalling! What’s the cheapest GPS I could use that would be easy to use?

Kind regards

Peter, in Dingwall

The map only updates once a week or so; you should hopefully see the change next Wednesday/Thursday.

As for GPSs - there’s a whole table of them on the wiki to plough through. The two most popular ones are the Garmin eTrex handhelds, and the NaviGPS. eTrexes are (I think) easier to use, but the cheapest ones only have serial connectors, not USB, which is annoying. NaviGPSs are very cheap, don’t do anything else apart from tracklogging, but can be a bit quirky for the beginner.