Newbie ´rotate a whole map´to fit in a rectangular printing


I want to print “pieces” of a large city into - let´s say - 10 cm x 15 cm sheets of papers…

When I find an avenue display as a diagonal across the screen I would like to be able to rotate the whole Map,
align this main avenue along one of the sheet´s border …and print it !
(no problem if the smaller streets are now displayed as diagonal lines therefore)

Does anyone have:

  • Any Idea how can I simply rotate the whole map showing on screen.
  • Any Editor who allow you to do that easely ?
    I m using Meerkartoor, Josm …and trying MapOSMatic recently.

Thanks for your expertise…

Some hints can be at

And about printing:

Thanks for trying to help me people !

Ran a test on “Field papers” which seemed to be exactely whaqt I needed - too bad - it has a very limited Zoom capability,
Worth for printing named main avenues and no-display names of street.
Even at a street level, exisiting street names will not appear !
…to bad - I may write their team to ask about that.

As for the Maperitive…
It seems to be fine for one large project but I am more like having a 100 little projects so …
I installed it and will try to see if I can work it in a simple way.

As for MapOSMatic, there were kind enuff to give me some “solutions” on how to create my own stylesheet…
Which I might test - although it´s kind of new stuff to me - if it is not that complicated I´ll try that.

As for “I forgot the name” web tool which offer to edit your own Style (examples are styled maps of London)

It almost worked out but is still kind of freezing and kept sending me back to their world map each time I would save… :frowning:

Arghhhh… I did not succeed changing the font - didn´t see where !!!
So hmm a litle-too buggy from here !
Plus I don t know if it comes with the Grid layer like MapOSMatic does
plus their index is an awesome option and would save me just years of work…indexing a city :slight_smile:

Well… Maperitive and MapOSMatic seems to be the ways to (try) to go for my search
Found many link to other Tools (sadly some only under Linux) and other deadlong ago !!!

…Still any suggestion is welcomed !