Newbie questions

Hi there,
I have a few questions I need help with, hopefully you can help!

  1. I want to upload GPX and retrieve elevation data - What’s the easiest way to do this? If not on OSM then where?

  2. How can I use OSM has a basis for creating 3d maps?

  3. How did VeloViewer create 3d maps/ flyovers based on OSM maps? Who do I need to speak to for a project like this

Thanks a lot!

3D discussion


  1. OSM database does not have elevation data. GPX tracks (at least Garmin ones) have elevation data. You could analyze it with or any other gpx track analyzer. I prefer the older version

2 & 3.

Take look at OSM importer for Blender.

Soon a new version with terrain support will be realised. Currently finalizing the documentation.