Newbie question

Hi everyone, just a quick couple of questions. I noticed a couple of small problems in my area so I decided to create an account and fix them up.

First was a street name spelt inccorrectly. I changed it i “edit” mode with Potlatch I believe. In edit mode when I click the street it shows my change but in “view” mode it doesn’t?

Secondly the post code for a suburb is incorrect and I’m unsure how to change it?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to OSM!

There are several ways to add a post code to an area. Could you post a Permalink (lower right corner on for the area?

Thanks for the quick reply.

The permalink is

The correct postcode is 6026 for the whole of Kingsley which borders Wanneroo Rd, Hepburn Avenue, Whitfords Avenue & the Mitchell Freeway. It looks like half of it is set as 6026 and the other half 6024.