Newbie question: obtaining trackpoints

I have a garmin nuvi 650 and would like to start uploading trackpoints, but nowhere on OSM do I find any howtos on how to configure my gps to record trackpoints. Does anyone have any experience with the 650? How do I set the gps to record trackpoints, and upload them to my computer?

This is a story about the Nuvi 220, but it might apply to your 650 as well…

I don’t think that will help. I can’t find the settings /system on the menu. Can you recommend an inexpensive gps unit that will work?

looks to me that the nuvi 650 is a routing device only. I also have TomTom and no way you get the gpx track out of that piece of equipment you just followed.

Since you’ve already got a GPS you could just get an GPS tracker c.q. GPS logger like a BT mouse with onboard storage, the Holux M241 etc. They can be obtained well below EUR 100.