Newbie problem using Navigon 5100 to produce GPS Tracks


I just found this week and was trying to capture a simple GPS track around my hometown in order to get started. Obviously since, I’m in here asking questions, I was unsuccessful in capturing said GPS track. Here are my hurdles:

  1. I wan unable to find a setting within the Navigon to not “snap” to Navigon’s map, so I’m not sure if this would be good data to map off of anyway–if anyone has a comment or discussion on this, it is appreciated.

  2. After reading through the owner’s manual for the device, I see where if I use the “LogBook” feature in my Navigon that the book notes that “every movement you make will be recorded”. Which is what I believe is what I’m looking for. So after completing a log yesterday, I went back and looked at the Excel data and it only listed the starting and stopping points (along with latitude/longitude and the like for the beginning and end). There are other files in this same general area, however I don’t see where any of them are in the .rte format which GPSBabel needs to convert to .gpx.

I can get around fairly well in a computer and know enough to make myself dangerous, but am having some problems with this. If anyone else has used this device before to produce GPS tracks, any advice would be appreciated.