Newbie post - replacing someones npe traced route


Just getting into editing for the first time. There are a couple of routes in my area which are based on traces from NPE maps. Is it considered OK to simply replace these if I have GPS tracks available?

Or is it better just to move the existing route over the new track?

Deleting ways and creating new ones replacing them isn’t a deadly sin but I think it’s more graceful if you correct the existing ways using your GPS traces. However, it depends on the amount of trouble. If creating new ones is far easier then I guess you should, but don’t forget to keep the existing tagging.

Usually it’s easier to delete, and if you need to redo it all that’s probably the best option.

The two things to check when deleting a way are that:

  • none of the nodes in the way are tagged (Potlatch will warn you if you try to delete such a way)
  • you reinstate all the junction with other ways

Other than that, go for it.