Newbie: personal TBD list and time it takes to publish

I made some changes yesterday using Ed (I think) within openstreetmap accessed on PC with browser and today I do not see the changes in OSMAnd (android app). Is there a typical delay between finishing in editor and being visible in apps such as OSMAnd. Locale: USA

Is there an easy way to tag an object with a “note to myself”. There are some things I see that are wrong and would rather go back to them easily in the future. For example by looking for all of my “notes to myself”.

Sorry for newbie question.

Yes, there usually is a delay. It depends on the app or website. The map on is updated rather instantaneously (you might have to refresh your browser cache), other websites take up to days. A lot of apps update the map once a month or with every new app version.

OsmAand updates map data once a month in the standard version. But there is a subscription model available (OsmAnd live) which lets you get more frequent even minutely updates.

There is no note to myself feature in the OSM database but you could use your app of choice to create notes/favorites in there. I use Locus for that but you can do the same with OsmAnd.

Thank you! Question answered