Newbie 'Normal Map" to "Transportation Map" How to ?

Hi everyone,

Ok, I naively though that by creating streets of my area using the “normal map” layout,
I would also get the an instant “Transport map” layer …‘magically done’.
So…seems it´s not the case, am I right ?

So…If I know need to print the same area of my Map using a “Transport” layout, how do I quickly/easely do that ?

Can I use Meerkaartor or Josm to design a transport network (mostly vehicules roads) ?

Or can I convert one Normal Map to a Transport Map …or does it requires the designing of all streets again ?

Thank you for your lights upon the matter.
Ericky :smiley:

Welcome to OpenStreetmap! The “Transport” map layer is short for “Public Transport” - highlighting train, bus, and tram routes. The “Transport” layer is much slower to update, sometimes as much delayed as 2-3 weeks. [ As an aside, I find that bus routes aren’t drawn quite correctly in my area ]. So, eventually your new streets will automatically show up on the “Transport” map as well!

If you are interested, you can also use Mercaartor, JOSM, or Potlatch to create public transport routes for your area. It will then show up on one of the services in . Map routing applications do not know about the schedule however, unless your city has published GTFS information ( )

thanks MikeN,

This is my area:
lat: -25.25811344615494
long: -57.55561351776246
In OSM it display everything.
I designed the whole Normal map of that area with Merkaartor indeed.

Just to make it clearer (to my newbie brain) - I do NOT have - to redesign on a new layer all the streets again of the “public transport” network to appear in OSM sometime inthe future, or do I ?

If I do not: Since I was mapped 20 days ago, the “public transport network” should appear in OSM in a matter of days now…

  1. refering to the GTFS, do the requirement to publish the city GTFS take a “big” amount of work or can one do it partially for some areas of the city ?

Hi Ericky,

if you want to print maps from OSM data with your own style (for example only streets or only bus or train routes) then you have to investigate a bit:

go to and do a search there for keywords like “render own style” or “display only certain objects”.

Also in the OSM wiki there are many information about downloading OSM data, filtering and finally rendering to your own needs.
It needs some time to read all that stuff in the wiki, but it’s worth it!


FYI - you can use the “Permalink” in the lower right corner to make it simple to share an area. I see your link as - where the ‘Transport’ display does not include the newer streets. It should update any day, but keep in mind that that layer is created by a volunteer on a best-effort basis. He may have run into problems, as well as the extra work involved in the recent license changeover.

GTFS can be created for just one route or for a specific area of the city for test and demonstration purposes, as well as being useful for residents of that area.

More like in a matter of weeks/months. I’ve mapped Seinäjoki (Finland) bus route #4 (in this case outbound) through four changesets (outbound Jul 6, 8 and 11 + inbound Jul 14). As of today, only the section from Jul 6 is visible in Transport map. So it’s not a matter of 2-3 weeks, but maybe 2-3 months?


As far as I can see, there is only one bus line in this area:

There are a few alternatives to OpenStreetMap’s default transport layer: – updated once in a while (update strategy currently unknown), but a really nice map – updated every other day, it’s a layer map (just click on ‘+’ in the upper right corner to change the layer visibility)

Well I have been investigating with users about the Bus network circuit in Asuncion and closest cities.
The bus system here is somehow a “little” different than in other “well organized” countries.
Buses are mostly privately own and “usually” do follow the owner circuit choice.
Buses do NOT have a time schedule other than the departing time in the morning.
Buses do NOT have established “Bus stop” to stick too.
Buses many times stops wherever the client is ringing the Bell…and sometimes DO stop at a “Bus stop”
Buses will not wait or stop at a bus stop where there is noone.
Buses may come from far away cities they are not limited to an in-city circuit.
Buses literaly races against one another in order to “steal” clients from the Bus ahead - so no prevision on time or bus stop
After taking this in consideration you may understand better why there is only one "symbolic’ Bus line in the area.
There is much more indeed…but how would you organize “this mess”

Each Bus DO have a circuit : just ask each driver…:slight_smile:
Would probably mean asking 1000, 5000, 10.000 bus drivers (?)
in order to build our complete tranportation network.
…Welcome to bus-users sourcing :open_mouth:

It sounds like quite a challenge to model the transportation there. GTFS would not be of much use - it also may take a modification to a router to be able to consider those routes for trip planning.