Newbie - GPX files

I am finding it really difficult to work out how to find a GPX file of NCN 4 on openstreetmap. How would I find it and how would I then download it to my Garmin 705? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

You can go to this wiki page which has a list of all of the NCN routes;
Note it lists the route relations for each of these. If you click on the little “a”, it takes you to the relation analyzer, which has the option to download a GPX. Specifically for NCN route 4, this is the link:
So you can download the GPX from there. I don’t know how you would load that into your Garmin, does it work as a mass storage device?

Hi Vclaw

Your advice was very helpful. Thanks for putting the link in to take me straight to the NCN 4 file and for explaining the ‘a’ button. All downloaded onto my Garmin and all working fine. Thanks again


You can download an NCN map for the Garmin with OSM data from .