Newbie: exporting OSM as .png W/O browser

I’ve browsed but not found anything solving our needs.

We’d like to extract maps as ready pictures in .png files or equivalent, from other environments as a browser (actually, Delphi server environment. A WMS service would be perfect; so far we’ve only discovered this for Europe.

Any hints?



There are rather detailed instructions about how to make Mapserver to deliver OSM data at

Mapserver can deliver maps through WMS, of even better solution for delivering maps for local use, through WCS (WebCoverageService). Only thing that has prevented me from trying it myself so far is that I am using only Windows, and the mapfile generating system is made for Linux.

A bit more info: I had a try myself and noticed that even the instructions are good they lack some important information and because of that it is impossible to get WMS server running without previous knowledge about Mapserver. I managed to get WMS server to run with Finnish OSM data and I am trying to improve the documentation. After that it will take no more than 15 minutes to install Mapserver and start making OSM maps through it, assuming that OSM data is imported into PostGIS with osm2pgsql first.

Thanks a lot.
As I understand it, this is very good for setting up our own server, which then could retrieve and compile maps for our own use.

Aren’t there anyone who already did this, available for public use? ‘Wheregroup’ in Germany have done it for Europe AFAIK, but have not seen it for North America?