Newbie: Editing: Potlatch, Merkaartor, and more.


I’m trying to “learn” how to edit.
I’ve decided to download some OSM data, edit it offline, create IMG using mkgmap, etc.
I have some questions which I hope you can help me with.

I’ve downloaded the area near “Yarkon Junction”, near “Abu Rabach”.
I’ve then noticed that when using Merkaartor, with “MapnikPlus” view, I see the following node:

This node apparently represents the “Abu Rabach” building which stands there.
However, I couldn’t see it when using Potlatch or Potlatch 2.
I couldn’t see it also with the default renderers (Mapnik, Osmarender) in view mode.

  • How can I know about nodes like that ?
  • Maybe all data I want to add, is already there, but I can’t see it ?


  • Is there a way to see a background satellite image in JOSM or Merkaartor, as can seen in Potlatch 2 ?

Although Potlatch 2 is stated as “online” editor, I couldn’t find information about the following:

  • Is the edited data load directly to OSM server, or some kind of queue is used ?
  • Is it possible to save the edited data in some online account, without submit\commit to OSM server ?

Thanks for your help,