Newbie Andy_Traveline

Hi, I would just like to say hello to the members and introduce myself a bit.

I am the data development manager for South West Public Transport Information (SWPTI), I manage the data (and those maintaining it) for traveline South West, I also host many of the other traveline regions servers.

I would like to start using OSM and contribute to the OSM community. My plan is to get all of the Southern England and the Midlands traveline regions to get their source gis data from OSM and use OSM for all their mapping needs. I have setup a tile server which the data suppliers will use. Our stops and routing data are already freely available and in the public domain as the DfT gave it away.

Hi Andy,

A warm welcome to OSM.

Unfortunately the forums are scarcely used by british mappers. I have therefore posted a link to this thread on talk-gb an OSM mailing list which is more active than the forum, and certainly much more widely read.



Great stuff! I noticed the OSM basemap today. I use Traveline all the time and find it really useful, especially for getting out to survey those out-of-the-way footpaths. Looking forward to all the stops appearing on OSM.
Best wishes.

Hi Andy

I also, often use your site & it’s great when any company changes over to OSM.
Would it be possible to enable wheel mouse zooming & make the map a little bigger? Also the left mouse button click & drag option to pan the map appears not to work if you do it in the top left quadrent of the window.

Dave F.

Hi DaveF

We are about to release an update to the website that will enable wheel mouse zooming and the left mouse button click & drag option to pan the map, we are also looking into an option to make the map area bigger but this may take a while.

Hi DaveF

Making the map bigger wasnt as dificult as our developers were first saying, we are about to update the site to have a full screen map option.