Newb questions - editing comments and display of amenities


I thought I would add/amend some of the landmarks around my area that are incorrect, or need more data added. I have a couple of questions though.

Firstly, I made a change to an existing amenity, and added a comment to that change, but I realised I typoed the comment - how do I edit that comment?

Secondly, why is it that some amenity markers around my area only appear in editing mode, and not in viewing mode, no matter how much I zoom in? Do things have to go through an arroval process before they appear on the map in view mode? The reason I ask this is because I notice that these items don’t appear on offmap iphone app either (presumably because they don’t appear in view mode on OpenStreetMap?), which I’d really like them to.

Hope someone can help!


I don’t think you can change comments once a changeset has been committed.

Regarding what amenities appear on the map, this is up to the style sheet of the map renderer. The default OSM map uses the Mapnik renderer, and the developers of Mapnik control which things it displays through a stylesheet. They don’t choose everything to appear as this would make the map too cluttered. If you render your own map, you can of course chose exactly what is displayed and what isn’t.

… or try other online OSM based Maps like … they use own tiles and you can display many types of POIs

See and for more examples and possibilities.

It also depends on what type of amenity markers you are talking. If you think that these markers are interresting enough, are well documented in the wiki (or even in the editors presets), you could open a trac ticket ( asking the Mapnik style maintainers to add the support of this amenity marker.