New Version Atlas-OSM : OSM in tile pbf vectorize


current OSM version is that of 05/13/24
I wrote a program to view, configure, extract, … the OSM database.
The basic principle is the division into vector tiles. They are in pbf format with a protocol slightly different from the standard ‘.osm.pbf’ (adding coordinates, clip points and tags among others).
Tags areas: 531
Tags Lines: 153
Knot Tags: 548

I added after Global Forest Hansen treatment
to have the drills at all zooms.

The relief is SRTM 3s with the additions of:

ALOS Global Digital Surface Model “ALOS World 3D - 30m (AW3D30)”
The relief (zoom=14)is AW3D30 (DSM and not DTM zoom correction zoom14)

This program works in spherical and Mercator. The file format is called ‘.osmtile.pbf’

I made reduced vector bases for the Zoom 5,7,9,11,14 and then from the zoom 15 it is the original OSM base.
You can modify everything on the graphics: Button with the yellow key and DblClick on an element including changing the icons from SVG.
The fonts are independent of Windows and can be modified…. I remade the fonts mostly from Noto Home - Google Fonts 1 to handle all languages and using ICU.

You can extract in the original pbf format (.osm.pbf) with selections of boundaries or rectangle or poly.
Then we can import the standard pbf back into the atlas in ‘.osmtile.pbf’ format.
And lots of other things …

Be careful, start the extractions with areas that are not too large (admin 8 or Admin 6) to test:
For example Bouches du Rhone (FR) ID 7393 if the tiles are already loaded:
Zoom 20: 35s to extract to osm.pbf and 68s to convert to osmtile.pbf with CoreI7 + SSD
Zoom 14: 7s to extract to osm.pbf and 11s to convert to osmtile.pbf with CoreI7 + SSD

Here are videos and examples that show some possibilities and fluidity. 1

Just load the Github installer or portable: