New User Problem - Path Won't Connect

I would like to add new cycle paths in my neighborhood to Open Street Map. I am using the iD browser editor with Chrome. I do not seem to be successfully connecting my new path to existing ones. I’ve deleted a few attempts and reduced my path to a simple connection from another path to a road to a driveway. This is at Lyman Blvd, between Audubon Road and Powers Blvd in Chanhassen, MN 55317 USA. In testing this path, I am unable to route anything onto it. Can anyone enlighten me on what steps I’m missing?

The full path I intend to enter extends the full distance from Audubon Road to Powers Blvd.

Thank you,

I looked at this briefly, and it seems that the bike path is properly connected along Powers Boulevard, and I was able to get a route along the cycle path, then taking the roadway on Lyman Boulevard.

I don’t see a bike path along Lyman Blvd at the moment, but it looks like there was a path in the history. Keep in mind that it may take from a day to a week or 2 to update the routing information, and that may be why the router did not use the new path information.

FYI - the route I tested with GraphHopper from Dove Ct

Thanks for your help. My path works now. I just needed to be patient and wait about a week.