New user. How to get more detail?

I am trying to find something to replace my Streets and Trips. I am trying this to see if it will work for me. I entered a starting point and a destination and it showed me a route but with not enough detail, like street names. Is there a way with this program to make it give more details like highway and street names or should I be looking for a different program?

Can you explain what “this” is? OpenStreetMap is basically just a huge pile of data - there are lots of different websites and applications that use it. According to wikipedia “Streets and Trips” is what used to be called Autoroute, which was pretty revolutionary PC application back in the late 80s.

There’s a huge list of links at - it’s likely that you’ll find something there.

However if you’ve got a hardware satnav (such as a Garmin unit), or have a mobile phone, you might find something for one of those platforms more appropriate than a PC application.