new user and first changes

hi, I recently registered to correct some wrong directions in my city, but I see that they have not been updated. How long does it take to see the corrections?

Hi, the changes enter the osm database immediately and are rendered on the map later, with the Standard, CyclOSM and Humanitarian layers being the quickest and within minutes to a day. You may need to delete the cache on your browser or use the Tor browser which is likely to choose a circuit less likely to be cacheing the bit you are looking at.
The navigation in the maps usually takes longer and may be a few days with OSRM and Gragphopper on the page being within that period. The navigation apps on the phone vary widely with many only updating with a new version and likely depend on whether you are using a free version or not. is a well regarded routing map with a multitude of options and seems to use frequent updates for it’s navigation.

thank you!

If you are using a Windows computer, you can press CTRL + F5 at the same time to force the map to update on your screen. This means that you can have the new version of the map within a few minutes of editing the map. Sometimes pressing CTRL + F5 twice has much better results.