New Trails Added Not Visible

Hello. I added two new walking paths onto the map and uploaded over 2hrs ago but am not seeing them at any level of zoom. Any ideas on why? Thanks

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Which of the ways in the OSM-Database are you referring to? :slight_smile:

Please post the ID(s) of the ways or a permalink (lower right corner on

Permalink now under “Share”

OK, I think I found them:

Both are taged:


which looks OK for me.

I can see both ways on zoomlevel 19 (
Don’t know what rules define at which zoomlevel tile generator is render highway=footway.

Visible on the Standard layer now for zoom 13-19, Humanitarian layer 14-20, Cycle layer is not updated so frequently and may possibly take up to a week.
You may need to refresh your browser…
Windows: control (Ctrl) and F5 button at the same time
Mac: Apple + R or Cmd + R.

If they are parts of officially named trails, and you can determine that without relying on copyrighted guidebooks, is there any chance of adding them to route relations for those trails, so, for example, they show up on!35.6024!-81.6602 ?

Ok I’m seeing it now but the entire trail is not showing up on one zoom level - does that mean it’s not done processing the map edits? I see some parts only on certain levels but if I zoom in and out enough I see all parts of the trail. Also the trail looks different than other nearby trails that were already there so I’m not sure if there’s another step I missed. This is my first time at this - thanks.

This link may help to decide if you have used the most suitable tag

I expect that some of the trails you are seeing nearby are tagged as tracks, which means that a vehicle can traverse them, like 4wd or forestry vehicle tracks in forests.
Your ways are tagged as footways which means a single track for foot traffic instead of a wheeled track that can accommodate vehicles as well. Brideways for horses and cycle suitable ways render differently on most maps too.

At the map, on the right side under the ‘layers’ tag (stack of books icon), you can select ‘Map data’, and then select each way to see the tags used. Zoom in closeish when doing this as it memory hungry.

Ok so I edited the trail so that its the accurate type. However it’s now 24hrs later and 1) not all parts of trail are appearing at all zoom levels (yes I’m refreshing browser) and in addition no part of these paths are showing in Gaia GPS using OpenHikingMaps HD. Thoughts? Thank you.

The map tiles on are rendered in a priority stack. Some zoome levels are rendered more often than others.
Due to limited ressources of the donations based OSM server this can take a while.

If you want to support, don’t hesitate to donate.

The time you see your changes in Gaia GPS depends on how often OpenHikingMaps and Gaia GPS are updating their data.
For some applications this can take several months.