New Tracing Project in Bangkok

Hi there,

I am about to kick off a tracing party of Bangkok using Bing imagery. There are a few of us that are eager to get Bangkok and the surrounding area on the map in a big way. We will definitely take every precaution to avoid some common mistakes that occur from armchair mapping; only mapping things we are sure of. Please feel free to email me, reply to this thread, or message any of us, if it appears that we are going to come into an area where you are working or if you would like us to focus on an area that really needs some love. We don’t want to step on any toes!

Additionally, any and all street names that you folks on the ground are able to add would help us all! We are also aware of some the issues occurring from the ODbL license changeover, and will happily retrace any lost ways and nodes. Here are the usernames of people who may be working in this area:
Dan Wood
Chad Lawlis

Let me know if you have any thoughts, concerns, or comments.


Dan Wood

Hi Dan,

Do you have by chance connections to the development seed guys working on mapnik?
In Thailand we have the problem that some street names are corrupted in case the way points into the wrong direction:

Having streets AND naming on them readable for native speakers would be double great.

Regarding armchair mapping: In contrast to the old yahoo images the bing imagery is quite recent. Alignment is usually OK, double check with GPS tracks. Alignment can vary. You’ll recognize it comes with a change in image colors.