New to OsmAnd+

Hello to all.

I have recently made the switch from google maps to OsmAnd+
I have been successful in setting it up and have been using it for 2 weeks now. I am a truck driver in the USA and I have been adding destinations as I go.

There are 2 areas I’m experiencing difficulty. 2 things I have not been able to learn how

Because I am a truck driver, I mostly drive on Insterstate highways. How do I get the voice guidance to announce exit numbers?

Also speaking of the voice guidance. I have google text to speech on my phone. When I was using google maps the voice sounds very natural but when I use it with OsmAnd+ it does not sound as good. How do I make it sound better?

Thank you

Hi zombot.

With this tool you can easily check if the exits and destinations are mapped.
If it shows green dots the data mapped, if yellow or red dots some info is missing.

Thank you for the advice. I clicked on the link and used checkautopista2. It says all exit numbers for the major motorways in USA are mapped. They all have green dots.

Osmand developers said this feature will be in version 3.1, but they have been changing the milestone and now is planned for milestone 3.6 (Feb 2020).

Maybe Maps could solve your needs, but last time i checked it doesn’t had “truck” mode.

That’s ok. I can wait till it is released. Thank you for investigating.

My other question, is there currently a way to make the voice navigation sound better or more natural? It sounds just like a human voice when I’m using g maps but a little more robotic when I use the same voice for OsmAnd+

I just got a new phone and put LineageOS on it and wanted to find a good open source map and navigation app and everyone was raving about this one! I’m giving it a whirl but I’m a newbie and was wondering what the app wants camera and microphone permissions for?

OsmAnd allows you to take photos and record spoken snippets that you can later use to improve the map.

p.s. I would have been better if you had created a new thread for this question.